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Mowing & Hedge Trimming


We offer a mowing service for both domestic and commercial customers. 

We mow domestic gardens,  blocks of flats and housing associations, industrial estates and hotels.

Mowing is available on a weekly, fortnightly or an as needed basis. We are currently offering mowing in the following areas: Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Lindfield, Hassocks and Ditchling.

Hedge Trimming

In order for your hedges to look their best they require regular maintenance. We can transform your hedge to look exactly the way you want.

How often your hedge needs trimming depends on the species and the growing environment. When trimming you need to know what you’re trimming, as bare patches can be created if you take too much off.

Conifers commonly suffer from bare or brown patches. Most Evergreens such as Yew, Lawson Cypress, Leyland Cypress, Bay, Pyracanther, Box, Privet, Holly and Laurel can be trimmed all through the summer and up to late September, depending on the  weather conditions. Care must be taken with conifers, if they are trimmed too hard they can be damaged.

Most Deciduous hedges like Hawthorn, Beech, Hornbeam and Hazel etc, can usually be trimmed once a year after flowering, so between June and September.

We are more than happy to visit your property and give you advice on how to maintain your hedge and how often we recommend trimming them. We have over 20 years hedge cutting experience. We ensure all areas are left clean and tidy and all cuttings are taken away.

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